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The Ginger Angel Florist

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The Ginger Angel Florist
Town: Margate, Ramsgate
Category: Retail, Services

Tel: 039 312 2136 / 083 454 3041

Address: Lot 1 , National Rd, Ramsgate

About Us
The GINGER ANGEL FLORIST is a service offered by Paradise Plants & Landscaping operating from Sebenza Village in Ramsgate.

The florist and the nursery complement each other perfectly giving our customers a variety choices. The florist is run by Louise, a qualified florist, and will be able to cater to the needs of people requiring the services of a florist.

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The Ginger Angel Florist
The Ginger Angel Florist
The Ginger Angel Florist
The Ginger Angel Florist

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