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Indigiflora Nursery

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Indigiflora Nursery
Town: Margate, Munster, Port Edward, Port Shepstone
Category: Nurseries and Landscapers

Tel: 039 319 1627 / 083 254 3441
Fax: 039 319 1627

Address: Lot 756, Munster, 4279

About Us
Indigiflora Nursery is specialist grower and retailer of a wide variety of indigenous flora including trees, plants, shrubs, ground cover, seedlings and a whole lot more.

The advantages of using indigenous species in your garden are numerous. The plants are used to local conditions and are therefor less susceptable to bugs, diseases and local weather conditions. They use less water and best of all they are a natural attraction for birds and insects.

Do your bit for the environment by only having local plants and trees in your gardenn.

Indigiflora is strictly indigenous flora only, with no exotics being supplied at all.

We also do contract growing for large projects
, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more info please visit our website,

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Indigiflora Nursery
Indigiflora Nursery
Indigiflora Nursery
Indigiflora Nursery

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