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Red Desert

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Red Desert
Town: Port Edward
Category: Places of Interest

Tel: 039 311 3663 / 082 551 3736
Fax: 086 689 8592

Address: Port Edward

About Us

Fossils have been found that date back millions of years, to a time when dinosaurs roamed the South Coast. There is an area between the Old Pondo land (Eastern Cape) and further inland, that was ideal cattle country, during the 1800 century, (colonies) the Xhosa tribes, grazed their cattle in this large savannah grassland area, and it is possible (speculation only) that the area where the Red Desert is currently situated was overgrazed leading to desertification. Not everybody believes this and it is quite possibly a naturally occurring phenomenon, and geographical in nature. Never the less, it is one of the most spectacular viewing areas over the sea, and the Umtamvuna River mouth. This is a rare treat for those intrepid travelers, and not to be missed.

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Red Desert
Red Desert
Red Desert
Red Desert

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